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Benefits of Firemac FM Blue

  • UL and IFC Certification third party certification
  • At the forefront of product design in the PFP sector for over 25 years
  • Effective value engineering against other products
  • Suite of test evidence and assessments

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Firemac FM Blue is a non-combustible composite board with a fibre reinforced cement core with outer facings of perforated galvanised or stainless steel mechanically bonded to the core. It provides up to four hours' fire resistance when used to construct walls, ceilings, ductwork, and services enclosures.

Firemac FM Blue systems provide robust insulated or uninsulated vertical and horizontal barriers, ventilation, smoke extract and kitchen extract ductwork, and enclosures for building services with a fire resistance of up to four hours. FM Blue systems are particularly useful where high levels of impact or blast resistance are required.

Typical industrial and commercial projects include:

Transport - for example rail, underground and airports
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Petrochemical environments
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Power generation
  • High-traffic areas
  • Processing plants


  • Ceilings, floors, and roofs
  • Partitions and external walls
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction systems including blast resistant duct systems
  • Electrical and mechanical services enclosures
  • Smoke barriers, doors, access panels, and hatches
  • Structural Steel

    Full technical support is provided by Firemac Gulf and comprehensive training in the use of the Firemac FM Blue board and the correct installation of Firemac FM Blue systems has been provided to all our partners.

    To download the Firemac FM Blue brochure please Click here.