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Firemac FM Blue Testing

Firmeac FM Blue has been testing for a range of applications and to a number of international standards. The production and testing Firemac FM Blue is carried under Third Party Certification schemes operated by UL and IFC Certification.

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Firemac FM Blue has been subjected to a rigorous set of fire tests in internationally recognised laboratories.

Firemac FM Blue walls, ceilings, ductwork, and services enclosures have been tested to BS 476 (Parts 20,22, and 24), EN 1364-1:2015, BS EN 1364-2:1999, and UL 263, and give up to four hours' fire protection.

Exceptionally robust and fire resistant, Firemac FM Blue fire barriers, ductwork, and service enclosures provide a convenient and effective means of fire containment. Unlike many fire protection systems - which are prone to damage during the life of the building and failure when subjected to impact or hose streams in fire conditions - Firemac FM Blue systems provide a reliable fire containment system under the most onerous of conditions, helping to preserve life, property, and critical services.

  • Firemac FM Blue steel-framed, non-loadbearing walls have fire resistance periods up to four hours tested to BS 476-22:1987 for fire attack from either face.

  • Firemac FM Blue steel-framed, self-supporting ceiling systems are fire resistant for up to four hours (four hours integrity and two hours insulation) to BS EN 1364-2:1999 and BS 476-22:1987, for fire attack from below and from above.

  • Firemac FM Blue ducts can be built up to 10 m wide x 3 m high, and the FM Blue fire-resisting ventilation ductwork system, when tested to BS 476-24:1987, satisfies the stability and integrity performance criteria for up to four hours. Insulated Firemac FM Blue duct systems satisfy the stability, integrity, and insulation criteria for up to two hours.

  • The Firemac FM Blue fire-resisting enclosures provide fire resistance for up to four hours (integrity and insulation) to BS 476-20:1987 (ISO 834:1985) when exposed to fire within or outside the enclosure.

    Additionally, air leakage complies with the requirements of High Pressure Class C ductwork listed within the B&ES (formally HVCA) document DW/144. The Firemac FM Blue wall systems satisfy the performance requirements of BS 5234-2 for severe duty and the maximum crowd pressure rating (3 kN/m).