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Benefits of Firemac FM Fire Ducts

  • Proven track record in major builds in the UK and Middle East
  • Industry-leading technical expertise in passive fire protection
  • Tested to British and European Standards
  • Fire resistance of up to four hours
  • No need to upgrade ductwork or hangers, saving time, waste, and costs

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Firemac FM Fire Ducts use a specially woven, UK-manufactured, glass fibre cloth, which when bonded to steel ductwork gives up to four hours’ fire protection.

Firemac FM Fire Ducts require no curing time, are manufactured in a controlled environment by trained fabricators, and arrive on-site ready for installation. With no outsourcing required, the full HVAC package – including fire resistant ductwork – can be managed by a single ductworker, improving speed and cutting cost and waste.

Firemac FM Fabric is extremely strong, and quickly applied by ductworkers at the point of fabrication. There is usually no need to upgrade the duct to achieve the required fire rating. Firemac fire resisting ductwork can be used in any building area to protect life and property, and to aid the emergency services in the event of a fire.

Firemac FM Fire Ducts can be fitted as both uninsulated and insulated systems, as required. Following the guidance in BS 9999, installing an uninsulated fire resisting duct system is usually acceptable to the approval authorities when personnel or combustible materials are at least 500 mm from the duct. Uninsulated Firemac FM Fire Ducts will give a fire resistance period of up to four hours.

Fire resisting ducts are often expected to be exposed to much lower temperatures then those experienced in a fully developed fire. In this case, Firemac uninsulated FM Fire Ducts meet the requirements for smoke extract at temperatures of up to 350 °C, and kitchen extract for up to 400 °C.

Where a duct is required to meet the insulation criteria in a fully developed fire insulated Firemac FM Fire Ducts satisfy the stability, integrity, and insulation performance of BS 476-24:1987 (ISO 6944:1985) for up to two hours.

Typical applications include:

  • Ventilation ductwork
  • Smoke extract ductwork
  • Kitchen extract ductwork
  • Basement and enclosed car parks ductwork
  • Escape route and pressurisation and dual ventilation/smoke extract ductwork systems.

    Firemac FM Fire Ducts are tested to British and European Standards for impact, flame spread, toxicity, and fire resistance of up to four hours, and are covered by IFC Certification. Firemac Gulf DMCC offers full technical support to our partners and their customers to ensure product compliance.

    The systems are approved by the relevant Civil Defence authorities across the Middle East, and in a wide range of applications including Commercial, Education, Hotels, Healthcare, and Metro (MTR) projects. MTR projects typically require further testing and Firemac FM Fire Ducts have also passed the impact, flame, smoke, and toxicity tests which are required for transit systems. To download the Firemac FM Metro Projects brochure please click here.

    To download the Firemac FM Fire Duct brochure please click here.